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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.....maybe?

I am sure each and every one of you are enjoying the fact that there has been minimal snow shoveling to do so far. However, we all know that this won't last forever and that mother nature will eventually win by dumping a few inches or even feet on us soon....Right?.....Right....Now that we are all ok with that.....we need to make sure we are prepared to handle those situations without overexerting ourselves or causing unnecessary injuries!

Today I want to simply talk about a few ways to keep yourself healthy this winter. First, it is the topic you may hear about most during this time of year...shoveling. Make sure you are using proper techniques when doing so, such as bending with the hips and using your legs to lift rather than bending at the waist and straining the low back. Another shoveling tip may include keeping heavy, wet shovels full of snow close to your body and avoid "throwing" the snow out in front of you. This can create instability not only for your feet/balance, but also within the mid and lower back...hence forming injuries. Last but not least on the topic of shoveling...avoid twisting! Twisting with increased loads can create very damaging effects to the spinal segments and the discs between them as well as strains to surrounding musculature.

Lower temperatures make us "bundle up" when going outside, but when peforming strenuous exercise such as shoveling, make sure you aren't "too bundled up". This causes sweating and creates the possibility of a drastic drop in body temperature. This can lead to illness and fatigue, and in more serious situations, hypothermia. So please be careful!

Most importantly this winter, don't be a hero! Take your time removing snow and walking/driving in icy conditions. Dress appropriately for the weather and establish a team of neihbors to help out when those BIG snows happen....especially if someone doesn't have a snow blower! :)

We hope you are reading this in good health so that you can implement these simple tips to prevent injury this winter. However, if you are experiencing sprains, strains, or pains of any kind, please give us a call or read more on our website to learn about how we can help you!

Take care and stay warm. Happy Holidays!

Staff at RIverview Chiropractic Clinic

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